Eleven Strangers. Eleven Stories. All connected to One powerful moment. Parallels web series follows the events of 11 unknowingly connected NYC strangers as they try to overcome life changing circumstances.

Created by Steven Bennet

"   E  v  e  r  y  o  n  e     h  a  s     a     s  t  o  r  y     w  o  r  t  h     t  e  l  l  i  n  g  " 

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"PARALLELS might be one of the most interesting series set to debut"

-Snobby Robot Magazine

"PARALLELS had me hooked from the first episode"

-WebVee Guide

Also on BLIP.TV  and ITUNES

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Eleven Strangers. Eleven Stories. All Connected by One Moment. Introducing the all new, all original Parallels Web Series. 

Each episode a short film of its own, connected to one another through a circumstance or relationship, PARALLELS is unlike any web series before it. Shot in various locations in and around NY, Brooklyn and the Bronx, with a small crew and over 24 lead actors; the Parallels Web Series is a testament to the human spirit in front of, and behind the camera. 

Created by Steven Bennett, produced by The jUsB Movement in association with Praizevision.